If at first you don’t succeed…


Welcome to The Junkballer. This is my, oh let’s say fifth or sixth attempt at starting a blog. The other ones lasted on average one post before I forgot about it, or sobered up and realized by first post was stupid.


I’m hoping this one is the one that sticks. I made it a New Year’s resolution to start writing about sports this year, so this is an attempt to do so (no, you’re a procrastinator). The blog will be on baseball. I’m a Jays fan so there will probably be a lot of Jays talk. I also live quite close to the border and plan on attending a few Bisons games throughout the summer, so you can expect some AAA posts too. But really, I’ll post anything that I find interesting.


There’s a good chance you might see some other posters around these parts. They don’t know it yet, but I’ve got a few people in mind who can provide insightful, uh, insight. One’s also a computer-type person who can probably make this blog look all purty like. That would be my brother, and I think if I offer him a chance to post his thoughts he’ll help me out with the tech crap.

I’ll be going with a semi-professional approach to this. My day job is a journalist for a community paper, so writing is kind of my thing. However, I’m a baseball fan first and foremost, and so this blog will reflect that. So there likely will be some swearing and since I often enjoy a few beverages when I watch baseball I’m considering doing semi-regular drunken rant posts.

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