Let’s not lose our shit here

One thing I fear about this season is when fans start to lose their shit. From start to finish I see the possibility of a lot of shit losing going on. The thing about baseball is that even though we’ve got all sorts of super sophisticated things that can predict just about everything, there’s still an awful fuckload lot or randomness.

Let’s all be honest right from the get go: some players on this year’s Jays roster are going to have shitty seasons. It’s going to happen. There’s also a good chance the team doesn’t make the playoffs.

But seriously, let’s not lose our shit. Fact of the matter is that this squad is put together for three years of potential awesomeness. All but nine players are under control through 2016. Think about that.

This team looks great. And with the apparent weakness of the Yankees and Red Sox, this looks like the year. But, really, who cares if it’s not? The fact is, this team is really set to have years and years of contention.

So if this year’s squad falters, don’t freak out. Don’t call for a rebuild or for Gibbons to go, or for Rogers to up and move the team to Des Moines.

We’re set up for years of enjoyable baseball. Appreciate it.

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