Thoughts on my first live game of the year

ImageThe best $11 beer I’ve had in a while.

So that was a bit of a letdown eh?

The boo birds were out in full force for the return of Lower Jaw-n Farrell and his crew of Massholes. I was there, too, taking in my first live game of the season. Sitting in section 113 there were a few interesting things I noticed. Among them:

  • I think the Jays win that game under different circumstances. First, the bench is just too damn short. I’m sure Bautista could have pinch hit late in the game, but with only three guys (one being Joey Bats) on the bench there weren’t many ways to get him in to bat and keep him from playing the field. Also, bullpen management was suspect. I like what I saw from those guys, for the most part – not entirely, Cecil was suspect even though he was throwing harder and Jeffress was iffy – but I would have thrown Santos in in the ninth. I think the difference between one and two runs is huge in the ninth. Tying run is always up to bat for the closer.
  • Bonifacio looked brutal. Not giving up on him by any means, and he’s the kind of player I think could be really fun to watch and could be quite useful. But holy shit he did not have a good game.
  • Jose Reyes is just great. Like, really great. Like I think I have a serious man-crush on him. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a position player as exciting to watch live as he is. Power, speed, and just enough crazy on the basepaths to be fun. Trying to stretch that double into a triple was kind of annoying but whatever. As long as he can walk that fine line and not turn an idiot on the bases he’s going to be fun to watch. And hey, Farrell’s in the other dugout now, so we should be fine there.
  • I heard some things about the fans being dicks, kind of like an opening day crowd. Sure, there was a lot of anger for Farrel. And the paper airplanes got fucking annoying quickly. But, at least for the section I was in, the crowd seemed pretty solid. Had a bunch of guys around me who know how to drink enough to be fun, but not so much where they become douchebags. One idiot a few rows in front kept trying to start the wave, but that’s to be expected. There was one Sox fan in my row, and there was some good-natured ribbing with the guy, but nothing over the top. And that’s the other thing. I’ve sat in that area, along the first base line, a few times when the Jays played the Yanks or Red Sox. And a lot of those times I’d be surrounded by fans of those teams. It was nice to see just about everyone around me wearing Blue Jays gear and/or cheering for the home squad.

All and all it was a fun night. Don’t like the Jays onlly having one win so far, but there’s a lot I see that I like and think it’s only a matter of time before they go on a bit of a run.

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