Been a while…

Anything happening with the Jays these days?

To offset the risk of yet another blog of mine disappearing into the ether, I should probably make sure to post something this weekend. Truth is, it’s been pretty disheartening to follow the Jays lately.

I told a guy at work last week that I thought they were poised to go on a run. Apparently it was a run of shitty play and shittier luck. This was right after the 8-4 win over the Yankees. They’ve gone 1-5 since.

And I say shittier luck in all seriousness. Yes, they haven’t been very good this year. A sputtering offence, a pitching staff that hasn’t done enough, and an alarmingly poor defence have all combined to this poor start.

But come-fucking-on now. Hard luck losses have been the thing for the Jays this year. Nine games have been lost by one or two runs, many of the late-inning variety.  A couple of those games go the other way and things are looking a lot better.

And that’s the thing. When the team is still a good week away from being in decent shape we can’t go out and lose our minds. Finish the Yankees series with a win, get an off day on Monday and then go, say, 5-1 again the BoSox and Mariners and ohmigod they’re close to .500. Not ideal but definitely looks a lot better.

May’s going to be a big month for the team. Nineteen games against AL East opponents. That seems to have a lot of people freaking out. I think it’s a great opportunity. Toronto manages to turn it around and has a good month and it not only brings them up, it brings the rest of the division down.

And sweet Jesus, what’s going on with the AL East? Pretty much the exact opposite of what most people were expecting. Do we really think all five teams are going to continue like this? The Jays and Rays are going to go on a run, and there’s no way Boston continues this run.

Maybe it starts today. Maybe the Jays start winning and everything goes up from here on in.


I hope.


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