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Jeff Blair talking at the book launch for Full Count

Sometimes having a girlfriend who makes zero money interning at a publishing house where she’s forced to do a 1.5 hour commute there and back leaving you alone, eating supper at 8 and doing pretty much all the housework can have its perks.

Such as it was tonight when I got the chance to go to the book launch for Jeff Blair’s Full Count. The event was at Opera Bob’s and was packed with mostly literary types but a few ball fans like myself.

Nothing earth shattering at the event. Jack Morris was there and seemed friendlier than maybe I imagined he’d be. He has that big booming personality and seemed to feed off being a big shot former ball player.

Managed to talk to Blair a bit, but mostly just about what it takes to get into the kind of baseball writing where, you know, you make money and stuff. Wanted to ask him his thoughts on the Jays and what not, but I saw too many people try to become instant best buds with the local celebrities and didn’t want to be that douchebag.

And queue…


Some guy being way too interested in what Dirk Hayhurst is saying.

Dirk’s kind of a rock solid guy. When we got there he was sitting at a table shooting the shit with a couple of guys. We couldn’t tell for sure if it was him. Then he walked around a bit and didn’t have that same presence Morris had. Dirk seemed, not shy, but just like he didn’t like being in a crowd and sort of one of the centres of attention.

And though I wanted to talk to him, that vibe kept me from it. I’m sure he would have been friendly, but I almost wanted to help him orchestrate an escape. I think he did check out my girlfriend…which….awesome!

Anyway, got the book signed and am looking forward to giving it a read.

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