Getting a funny feeling

Uh, so. Eleven game winning streak. That was awesome!

It’s been a while since I posted anything, partially because work’s been crazy, and I’ve just been busy as hell. Partially because I’ve been enjoying the ride. And partially because cable wants to charge an extra $10 a month just to get Sportsnet so I’ve been watching games on the computer, which limits my writing inspiration time.

Anyway, I’m gonna try to post most regularly. A promise I’ve made a few times now.

But I’ve got a feeling. Even when the Jays were losing there was always a little something nudging at me. Then they went on that run, and everyone got stoked. Now they’re back to playing goodish baseball.

As I said, I have this feeling. I think this season’s got plenty more excitement coming ahead of it. Already Jays fans have been through the despair of being a lost team, the jubilation of a long winning streak, the loss of a marquee player (and a few stars), the joy of the lovable mascot playing above his head and the excitement of a more or less journeyman reliever picking up the slack in the rotation.

And we’re only halfway in. The Jays play their 81st game of the season today, marking the halfway point. At 40-40 it’s not where fans would have liked to be heading into the season. Ironically it’s beyond what anyone could have dreamed of on May 5.

So what can we look forward to for excitement in the second half? There’s a good chance there will be more despair. Possibly another Johnson injury, or Morrow doesn’t return. Maybe Lawrie comes back and continues to shit the bed.

But lets consider the positive side of the ledger. What awesome things can Jays fans expect?

  • Yankees collapse. Remember when we had to sit through the “When you put on the pinstripes you magically become good again” crap? Back when the Murderers’ Row of Nix, Wells, Overbay, Francisco was getting the job done? About that. The Yankees are 16-18 since May 1 and those ex-Jays have gone back to being not very good. I guess the Pinstripe Pixie Dust only lasts for a month or so.
  • Boston collapse. They continue to play fairly well, but there seems to be a feeling that BoSox and their annoying manager are walking a tightrope. They rebounded after a .500 May, but injuries are creeping up on them, Lester’s struggled, and their bullpen is being Farrelled. Outside of Ortiz and Pedroia, there’s not much I fear in that lineup. Sure Ellsbury’s good, and Victorino’s been decent. But I don’t know, I see them falling back to earth.
  • Another winning streak on the back of Joey Bats. Jose Bautista’s having a good year. An .836 OPS with 18 home runs. But he’s really struggled the last few years, up until yesterday. He’s been able to go on streaks where he’s videogame-esque and if that happens soon the Jays could be in for another strong stretch.
  • Reyes and the Melk-man. It appears Jose Reyes is getting back into the swing of things. His first few games back weren’t great, but with three hits in his past two games Reyes might be returning to his exciting ways. Melky Cabrera’s been a trooper for the Jays and it’s easy to imagine that had he not been so hurt his numbers would be a lot better right now. As it stands a .321 OBP isn’t the worst thing in the world, but he’s had virtually no power. A couple weeks off to heel his hurting hammies may be the best thing for him. If he can even return to what he was two years ago¬† that could be a big boost for the Jays.
  • Dickey da best? Perhaps, just maybe the Dickster and his Knuckler are coming around. Two good starts, one stellar, sandwiched around a stinker in his last three outings maybe point to better times ahead. His velocity is creeping up and he’s walking fewer.

I think that’s where the excitement lies. They Jays have been playing good ball basically since May 5, going 30-19 since that day. And really there’s reason for optimism with a lot of their top guys, who we either haven’t seen much of or haven’t seen at their best.

I’ve got a feeling.