Ebbs and Flow

Ebbs and Flow

Baseball Reference’s game results graph on each team’s page is a great way to see how your favourite team’s doing. A quick glance and you can see how the team has come to have the record they’ve had.

It’s also a great way to show that any team’s season is filled with hot streaks and cold streaks of varying degrees. A pretty simple idea, red is bad green is good. The more red you see the worse things were at that period.

And despite the fact the Jays have hit a bit of a dry spell after that 11-game winning streak, take a look at Toronto’s game results graph. You can very quickly see where the turnaround happened. And even though the last few games haven’t been great, still, not a ton of red. The Jays have been losing some close games. Five of their past seven losses are within that magical closer zone of three or few runs, and the other two are four-run losses. There were two one-run losses and a two-run loss.

The season has ebbs and flows. The Jays could have easily won a few of those games and all those people who have jumped off the bandwagon as quickly as they got back on during the winning streak may not have given up on the season.

Sure they’ve given back some ground. It was bound to happen. But the Blue Birds are still playing decent ball. They’re not getting blown out, and a lot of their key guys are either back playing, soon to be back, or rounding into form.

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