I think it’s very unfortunate that the fans have to hear that guy talk as much as he, because, I know, speaking for myself and for the entire media, that there’s not one person in our newsroom that respects that guy. Because he’s informing the fans the wrong way, and it’s not right. And I think, one) not a lot of us, including myself, respect a person that used his good looks and basic marketability to hide the fact he’s been subpar since coming to the big leagues and, you know, was able to stick around as a below average player in the Major Leagues because they had to trade the guy who was better than him. And those who do it without that– I know I’ve worked my entire career. I’ve worked hard. I’ve never done anything, I’ve never been good looking, and I go out there and bust my butt every day. It’s not an easy industry. And I think sometimes people forget that.

And it’s tough to hear people like that criticize– I know it’s not part of his job, but to sit there and inform the fans that this is wrong and this is not the way, because he quickly forgets how much the Jays have underachieved this year and how much that opens everyone on the team up for criticism. And how after three years in the big leagues he has been unable to show marked improvement and continues to get on base at a horrible rate. Because every one of us wants to make adjustments, and no one on this earth cares more about what goes on the air or in the paper than the media does. It’s our careers. It’s our well-being. This is what I’ve done since I was four years old (well writing and speaking, the media part came later). But it’s very unfortunate that he thinks he needs to spout off in a premeditated way that can only cause a distraction, create an awkward situation with his leftfielder, and create a lightning rod for a team that doesn’t need anymore negativity. That’s why the guys who cover the MLB and the guys who analyze players are 1%, 2% of the media. So, it’s tough, and I feel bad for fans that they have to listen to that stuff.

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