AA and his pitching problem…fixed?

Cuban defectee Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez? Why not?

If the Jays brass think he’s a legit pitcher and they have the resources to sign him, I say go all out. Gives you a youngish pitcher who can contribute immediately. It gives you a shot in the arm, and if he pans out and JJ and Dickey turn it around, that’s a really solid rotation.

Also, acquiring a guy like Gonalez, again if he’s legit, makes it easier to deal with the Johnson situation. If someone blows you away with an offer you can part with the righty knowing you’ve got other options. If not you hold onto him, and see what happens. Really the ball’s in his court.

And though I have no rationale for this, it just feels like a good move. The fan base has been kicked around this year with the underperformance, and a signing like Gonzalez might be that spark to energize the fans, and who knows, maybe that little something that turns the season around.

High hopes, I know. But I’m on vacation this week so anything is possible.

One thought on “AA and his pitching problem…fixed?

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