We’ve got a move!

Something happened, something happened! Yay!

The Jays made their first signing of the offseason today, inking catcher Dioner Navarro to two year deal that will pay him $3 million in 2014 and $5 million in 2015. Not a sexy signing by any means but definitely an upgrade over what they got in 2013. And with reports that JP Arencibia will be traded or non-tendered, I think it’s a great signing.

With a projected payroll of around $130 million already committed in 2014, and reports that the organization doesn’t want to go much north of $150 million, this offseason is going to be all about creativity.

The priority list for Antholopolous is likely something like this: 1) SP 2) C 3) 2B 4) SP. I guess you could argue that he might be gunning for two starters at the top of his list, but I think he’ll be happy if he acquires one quality pitcher, given the depth he now has with Stroman looking ready and some of the Tommy John boys coming back.

With only $20ish million it’s not going to be easy. But now, with the Navarro signing you can check #2 off the list and you still have the same $20ish million. Is it possible to get a legit starter for $15 million a year and a second baseman for $5 million? Sounds plausible to me for sure. Especially given the fact AA hasn’t used any of his very limited, and very valuable, prospect capital. 

Though it may seem backwards, I like the strategy of knocking off the smaller items first. It was obvious the Jays needed to go in a new direction behind the plate, and it was fairly obvious they weren’t going to go all out and get an all star at the position. I like that they’re whittling away at their offseason list before tackling the big problem, starting pitching. 

When the offseason began there was a lot of fog surrounding the Jays. How are they going to fix everything that ailed them? Though it’s one move, that fog is definitely starting to lift. I can see a path for the team that puts them in a decent chance to contend next year.