Let the decent times roll

A little late on last week’s thoughts but it turns out to be kinda awesome on account of tonight’s game that just ended. Beauty game, nice to see some power, especially from Encarnacion. With Reyes back and Cabrera continuing to look more the guy from 2012 than the old man from last year, that’s a formidable top four.

There seems to be a strange amount of negativity surrounding this team. I mean, from what I see most people are level headed and maintain that cautious optimism that’s probably going to be the theme for most of the first half of the season. But there’s a significant portion of people who lose it after a couple of ugly ones.

It happens. 



I’ve gone into this season looking at chunks of games, because lets face it, none of use can really keep the entirety of the season at the forefront of our minds when the bullpen walks 451 consecutive batters. So while it was a kick in the nuts, I got over much more easily knowing the team could still finished the Orioles-Twins-Indians stretch in decent shape.

And they did. I was hoping for a 6-3 stretch, but was quite happy with a 5-4.

Because at the end of the day, the team is still very much in it. The doomsday people like to point to these blown games and say, “well these are the games that matter when we miss out by two games.” But the simple fact is we have no idea what the future holds. And the longer the Jays stay at or near the top the longer we can look forward to one more meaningful game.

And would ya look at that, the team is near the top. They’re also 6-5 against the AL East. So relax people, things are looking ok.

Really, records don’t mean anything at this point. As long as the team’s playing ok ball and they haven’t put themselves in a hole, you’ve gotta be happy.

There’s more you could like (Dickey to get through the fucking order a third time would be just peachy). But considering they were 8-12 at this point last year, and already facing a 5.5 game deficit for first place, I’ll take it.


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