Immediate Angry Response #1

Well that game was a gut punch.

Really two actually. I didn’t catch it all, had some errands to run and real world shit to do. The first gut punch was when I heard on the radio while I was out and about that Morrow was being pulled in the third inning. The second was when the comeback fell short.

What really bugs me though, above Morrow struggling and above a second straight loss to the BoSox, is that I’m starting to really question the roster construction of this team. Now it may be the hate of losing to Boston paired with a few afternoon beers, but seriously, what the hell?

They’ve carried an eight-man bullpen for most of the season. It turns the bench into a joke, especially considering you have a defensive-minded middle infielder on the bench, while also having a defensive-minded starting middle infielder. Then you have a catcher, obviously, and an outfielder who can’t field, and right now can’t hit.

I mean, I’d be ok with this if it meant the bullpen was total shutdown. And, despite recent meltdowns, I think the back end guys are shutdown type relievers. But what’s the point of carrying three, now four, guys who are only mop-up guys? I mean, seriously. If you want to stack the bullpen, stack them with extra shutdown guys. You really only need one of Rogers, Redmond, Happ or Jenkins. Jenkins can be sent down to the minors, so it comes down to one of the other three. We’re a month into the damn season, it’s time to make a choice. Take the risk of losing one of those guys and let’s improve the roster here.

Today’s game perfectly illustrated that. Morrow’s shit and gets pulled early. Gibbons goes to Jenkins, cause for some reason he has a hard on for him. After he fails, but because the game’s still in reach, he doesn’t go to Redmond or Rogers because he wants to win the game.

But then, despite burning through his back end bullpen pieces to keep the game close, he’s unable to do anything with the bench late. I’m not saying they would have won, but there sure would have been better options than having Dinner Navarro running the bases. Or what about having Jonathan Diaz in a key position, cause that’s all ya got.

I like Anthopolous and think he’s a strong GM in almost every facet, but his refusal to give away fringe players by putting them on waivers has cost them early this year.

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