It’s home run or nothing with these guys!

Drinkin Thinkin3

Ok, technically I’m not drinking now, but I was last night and I swear I thought about writing it last night!


The Jays’ slide continues. It’s getting ugly, especially among the comment sections at some of the local…as local as the Internet is, I suppose…blogs and websites and are turning into massive cesspools.

One of the big things you hear is that the offence is overrated. They rely too much on the home run, people say. To all those people I say: don’t be a fucking idiot.

How about, instead of reacting with your sad, hurt feelings, you actually look at the numbers? Hell, I just came across this thing on the Internet where I can search for any term I like and find information. This Google thing (soft ‘G’ I believe, pronounced j-O-jlay) brought up this:

League Offence – OBP

Would you look at that? Despite a month that even I will admit has been brutal to watch. And despite a team that’s face injuries to several key cogs over the past 30 days, with many missing time and many playing clearly not at 100 per cent. Despite slumping players and the extended use of AAA scrubs who are being exposed as not full time players. Despite all of this the team is seventh in all of baseball in on base percentage.

They’re also tied for eighth in walk percentage, fourth in wOBA, and fifth in wRC+.

Sure, they’re likely being buoyed by that unbelievable stretch during May and early June, but the fact remains: on the entirety of the season this team has been a top five offence.

And the fact they’ve walked at a good clip and get on base at a good rate shows that it’s not a “home run or nothing” kind of team. 

It’s just a team that’s struggling with slumps and injuries right now.

All we can do is hope guys come back at full strength and those in slumps find their way out of it as soon as possible.

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