A solid and cheap pitching core


It’s official…I’m a Stromaniac.
Today we had yet another strong pitching performance from rookie pitcher Marcus Stroman, who continues to look like the real deal. In nine starts, he’s sporting a nifty 2.87 ERA, 3.24 FIP, striking out 8.23 per nine and walking 2.3 per nine.
And it’s not just the results. He looks good out there. His stuff is great and his command is good.
It’s got me thinking about what the Jays rotation could look like in the coming years. Both he and Drew Hutchison have acquitted themselves quite nicely in the rotation so far. Hutchison’s ERA is a little high at 4.16, but his FIP is sub-4, and he’s striking out a decent amount of batters. The groundball rate’s a bit of a concern but all and all they make a pretty strong duo.
Now, throw in Aaron Sanchez, who is expected to make his major league debut in the bullpen at some point this year, Daniel Norris, who has taken huge steps forward this year, the returning Robert Osuna, and this year’s draft pick Jeff Hoffman, who is apparently a guy who can make it to the bigs in a hurry, and you’ve got something.
Of course not all those guys are going to amount to much, but with Hutch and Stroman already contributing and looking like they belong, and Sanchez and Norris in the upper levels you have to figure Toronto has at least three legit pitchers. And three legit pitchers who are going to be cheap for the next few years.
Now that we can all just assume that Rogers are cheap bastards who don’t really care about winning, we have to go back to thinking very consciously about money. A rotation of, say, Stroman, Hutchison and Norris (with Sanchez as the shutdown closer perhaps?) could make an effective threesome that won’t cost the team much until 2019.
That could be huge, given the substantial longterm question marks for position players. Two-thirds of the outfield are free agents and the end of the year, there’s still no permanent solution at 2B (or 3B, depending on Lawrie) or at the catcher position.
The Jays have little money committed past next season, but will have many holes to fill. Being able to rely on three good and cheap pitchers could go a long way in helping them address those other concerns.

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