Stand Pathopolous

Drinkin Thinkin3

For Jays fans, the trade deadline came and went with nary a whimper.
It wasn’t all that surprising, the lead up to Thursday’s deadline made it seem like there wouldn’t be much action at 1 Blue Jays Way. And I’m kind of surprised, but the reaction hasn’t been all that bad.
I’ve been listening to the Fan 590 lately, just to see what the unwashed masses are thinking. And with the deadline it appeared the majority was fine with a lack of action.
And I am too.
Sure, some help in the bullpen would have been nice, or perhaps another starter to help out. But meh, whatever.
The only thing that was kind of upsetting was seeing the Yankees improve, without giving up much. There was a general feeling, both from myself and, I think, from most fans that New York was running on fumes. With so many injuries, underperformance and other issues, it felt like they’d be fading down the stretch, leaving the Jays to go up against Baltimore for the division.
Now, I’m not so sure. With Drew, Prado, Headley in the mix, along with McCarthy in the rotation, they might just have enough the Yankee themselves into the conversation. They’re not that far back – and shit, the Rays aren’t far behind either – that it’s something we have to keep our eyes on.
I did see something on MLBTR today that piqued my curiosity.

The White Sox didn’t make any noise on deadline day but things could’ve been much different had a proposed three-team trade been finalized, GM Rick Hahn told reporters (including ESPN Chicago’s Sahadev Sharma). The deal “would’ve wound up netting us such a [future] piece, a guy who’d been a target for a while,” Hahn said, though talks fizzled about two hours before the 3pm CT deadline.


Basing it off absolutely nothing but pure speculation, but maybe it was the Jays? The two teams have a history of trading. Chicago’s in a rebuild. Chris Sale, come on down!
It’d be a great fit. The apparently tight-fisted ownership in Toronto could surely accept his contract – he’s owed the pro-rated amount of $3.5M this year, $6M next year, $9M in 2016 and $12M in 2017, along with a couple of options – and Anthopolous might just have the pieces to pull it off.
Sure, it’d be a lot, multiple top prospects one would assume. But with many of the young guys taking substantial steps forward, maybe? I read on Twitter, I think, that Robert Osuna has been looking good so far in his return from Tommy John. Daniel Norris has received much fanfare this year. Another pitcher, Miguel Castro, just got promoted from Vancouver to Lansing after throwing 50 great innings in the NW League.
Perhaps there’s enough there to get something done without depleting the farm system. I think AA likes to operate without a looming deadline, so if an opportunity arises in August without the spotlight glaring, maybe he makes a big move?
Even if that doesn’t happen, I’m not really against seeing what the team does down the stretch and maybe revisiting a big move like that in the offseason. They’re going to have some tough decisions in the winter, two thirds of the outfield needs to be addressed and the bullpen might need a revamp, but maybe there’s a chance the Jays finally do get that ace.

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