Putting the FUN in Fundamentals

Ah, the Jays are losing again, so that must mean the coaching staff have stopped teaching the fundamentals.

When they were winning they were “doing all the little things right.” When they were losing the “weren’t doing the little things right.”

Now, I know it appears that way. When a team’s struggling you notice the sloppy defensive play or the guy who makes a base running error. It’s natural. 

But for the love of god can we please get past this fundamentals crap?

First off, what the hell are the fundamentals? It’s a term people throw around all the time but I don’t think they actually consider what a fundamentally-sound play, player, team looks like. Things like bunting, defence, moving a runner over, and hitting with runners in scoring position are often mentioned. But bunting’s not as easy as people think nor has the team been atrocious at it like many think, the defence isn’t great but it hasn’t been great all season and the team’s had stretches where they played much better than this, and moving runners over or hitting with runners in scoring position are just bullshit luck things that have nothing to do with a particular skill set.

To even think that a group of Major League ballplayers can’t perform the fundamentals – whatever people deem to be fundamentals – is ludicrous. Do you, random dude who’s worked in the same career for 20 years lack the “fundamentals” of your job? No, because you’ve done them, everyday, for 20 years. And believe me, you haven’t worked as hard at your career as these Major Leaguers have.

The fact of the matter is the Jays just haven’t been playing well. They haven’t been hitting and they haven’t been pitching. It’s just easier to point to a misplayed double play ball and go “aha, that’s the problem. Fundamentals!”

It’s not as easy to look at 30 plate appearance over the course of three hours and realize only two batters reached base, or that the pitcher was routinely missing his spots and couldn’t throw his breaking pitch.

They’re not playing well. This season is quickly going awry. But lets give up on the fundamental crap.

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