What’s in a game?

EDIT: Ugh. I wrote this going into the ninth inning. Then the ninth and tenth innings happened. Appropriate, I suppose.

The worst thing about baseball is that no one game makes or breaks it. Hell, no one week or really, no one month.

A team could play horribly for a month and still make the postseason. They could play great for four months and miss October baseball. And yet, when we get to this time of year, it’s tough to decide when it’s over.

With the Jays, they’re not done yet. Realistically, where they’re in after today is only 1/162 difference than they were yesterday. And yet, with each loss at this time of year it feels exponentially worse. But I’m loathe to say they’re done.

Because, maybe tomorrow’s the start of a winning streak. Pull of a 10-1 stretch, which by the way, they’re totally capable of, and suddenly things look great, or at least like we’ve got a shot. Right now, it looks awful.

I’m a pretty level headed guy, didn’t get too high in May when they were streaking, and I don’t get too low when they’re struggling. And it makes me wonder what it’s like for those other guys. You know, the ones for whom every win or loss is a sign of the entire season.

Is it easier? I’m not sure. I think, maybe it is. They can give up or start planning the parade route every night at around 10 p.m. They don’t have to deal with the small incremental changes in mood. Going from they may not make the playoffs to they’re 1/162 less likely to make the playoffs. It’s much easier to go from no chance to World Series favourites and back again.

I haven’t given up on the Jays making the playoffs. Not yet. And that’s because I hadn’t given up when yesterday’s game ended, and really, what’s 1/162 anyway?

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