Could Toronto’s solutions come from the west?

We’re right smack dab in that weird part of the year. As baseball fans we’re being treated to awesome postseason baseball (though my teams all seems to be losing), but as Toronto fans we’re kind of eager to get things going with this offseason.

A post today at MLBTR ( points us to some news and rumours out of the west. And they’re worthwhile to examine because they could provide interesting options for the Jays.

The first comes from Seattle, where GM Jack Zryduniecescsyzk (or however the hell you spell it. Makes me happy we just have to deal with the Greek name Anthopolopoloupolos) went out and said some stupid stuff to the media about outfielder – and Canadian! – Michael Saunders. There’s speculation the relationship is strained, and Saunders could see himself out the door.

In recent weeks I’ve become more of the belief that the Jays should maybe focus the majority of whatever financial flexibility the team has on addressing the infield. With three players who could potentially man centre field on the cheap, AA could potentially build a fairly cheap outfield. That helps when considering the dearth of infield options out there. A few extra dollars could go a long way.

And while Saunders has been somewhat disappointing, he’s a former top prospect, still only 27 years old, and when on the field he’s been decent. He was worth nearly 2 WAR by Fangraphs this year in limited time. Over the past three years he’s hit to the tune of a 109 wRC+ and the defensive metrics seem to like him. And with some upside there, at the perfect time where players sometimes take that big leap forward, he’s worth the risk that his injury and illness problems follow him east. But hey, at least we have free health care if he does get hurt in Toronto!

Elsewhere, there’s talk from Arizona of trading one of their young infielders, Didi Gregorius, Chris Owings or Nick Ahmed. All are young, which provides both risk in the fact they may not pan out but also potential in acquiring an important piece that will be under team control for years. And according to the piece they could be had for young pitching, a mild strength of the Jays.

Acquiring one of the trio could have the Jays go the other way, finding a cheap fix in the infield and spending big on the outfield (presumably resigning Melky).

I could live with either of those options. Stroman or Sanchez seems too much, but could Norris get it done?

Now, lets get back to enjoying real baseball.

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