Everything is happening

Of course the week a co-worker goes down during basically the busiest time of the year is also when the Jays turn into this big wheeling team that’s in on everybody.

I honestly haven’t even been able to digest what’s happened the last few days. All I can say is that the Martin signing seems to signal a big time shift in the team’s philosophy. The fact the Jays put that much money into a position that really wasn’t a weakness show that either they’re really willing to invest in the team or it was a really bad ploy to sign a Canadian, #mapleboner, to please the masses. I’d bet the former.

And now, with all this talk about the team in on Pablo Sandoval and Jon Lester…I just…don’t…even…know.

I think it’s good stuff.

If the team has as much money as it seems to have after the signing of Martin and all the rumours the last few days, especially with the analysis from Andrew Stoeten regarding old Bob Cat’s comments, then I think we can safely assume most of the team’s issues will be addressed this offseason.

After years of thinking about value, payroll parameters and all that crap, it’s weird to think that the organization has decided to forego that crap and just plug the holes, money be damned. But maybe…perhaps…this is what is happening. Maybe the business peeps looked at the last few years and realized how much they got from legitimately investing in the team, and then how much they gave right back by completely cutting the team off, and decided to do right by the team – and obviously by themselves.

I don’t know. It’s been a weird week. I’m tired. I’ve written and looked at far too many words since Monday. But I’m pumped.

When does spring training start?

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