What did we learn from Game #1?


The answer’s nothing. It’s something I have to keep reminding myself, because, hooo-boy that was a great way to start the season. Whether it was Hutch shutting things down against a team filled with left-handed hitting batters while not quite having his best stuff, to Dalton Pompey showing off his speed and looking all around strong or Devon Travis being an absolute boss and giving the big wank-off motion to all the “Yankee Stadium” mystique crap, Monday was awesome.

Oh, and Miguel Castro. ‘Nuff said.

Even with the Marcus Stroman injury early in spring, I’ve felt a growing sense of optimism as March wore on. Every year I’m filled with optimism, and every year I remind myself that last year I felt the same way and to temper my expectations.

I’ve tried to this year. I really have. I mean, check out the damn lede to this story!

But between the combination of veterans in their primes and young guys who have done nothing but impress, I’ve got a tremendous feeling as 2015 gets going. And Monday’s game did nothing to slow that down.

It is only one game, I keep telling myself that. When they talk about how spring training games mean nothing, they should say spring training and opening day games mean nothing. Now obviously that’s not totally true, Monday’s game certainly means something in the standings, and the stats count. However, far too often we try to draw too many conclusions from the first game of the season, as if they’re a harbinger of things to come.

They’re not. But a good start is better than a bad one.

One down, 161 to go.

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