Blue Jays fans, Aaron Rodgers has a good message for many of you.

Now true, not everyone is flipping their lid over last night’s Jays game and how it ended, but enough people are that it’s making today kind of insufferable.
Let’s recap:

  • Pop-up double that benefitted from the crazy wind.
  • Solid single up the middle.
  • HBP.
  • Wild pitch.
  • Strikeout.
  • IBB.
  • HBP.
  • Single that deflects off pitch, squeaks by shortstop into left field.
  • Strikeout.
  • Fly out.

Now, I’m not saying it was a beautiful inning. Loup looked off, and Cecil did too. But let’s have a little perspective here. There was literally one well-hit ball that entire inning. One. Single. Well-hit. Ball.

Two hit batters isn’t great, but they weren’t terribly awful pitches. The one on Gardner, at least, was a pitch that simply road up and in a little bit. I’ll admit, MLBtv went haywire, so I missed the second hit batter.

The double was a screwy play. and the final hit had a couple chances to turn into an out.

It was cold, it was unpleasant. Cecil perhaps isn’t quite ready to go. Loup had an off night. It happens.

Sure, it was an annoying way to end what could have been a great start to the season. Sure, the Jays probably deserved to win that one. And sure, how great would it have been to see the Jays go 2-0 against New York while having Bautista go 0-fer?

But let’s look at the positives. Travis looks legit. Castrosuna looks legit. RA Dickey battled and got into the seventh with the lead. And one thing I haven’t seen mentioned is the fact Pillar has taken some really tough pitches and will probably be a great fourth outfielder when Michael Saunders returns from injury, which sounds like it’ll be shortly.

And today there’s a really nice chance that the good vibes return. The Jays are going up against a CC Sabathia who has been a pumpkin for more than a calendar year. Bautista and Donaldson, et al aren’t going to be shut down for long. And we get a chance to see young Daniel Norris – who, did you know, lives in a van throughout the winter? – get his promising career going.

It’s two games in. The Jays have led for the vast majority of those two games. And best of all: tomorrow’s game is a 3 p.m. start, so it’s perfect for knocking off early, hitting a local watering hole and getting the weekend started early.

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