Today’s game would have been great no matter who won

Holy shit balls wasn’t that a game this afternoon?

MLBtv took precedence over whatever work it was I was supposed to be doing today (unless my boss reads this, in which case…uh…screw it, he knows I was watching the game) as the Jays and Rays had a tilt for the ages.

While it’s easier to say this in light of the fact the team I was cheering for ended up pulling this one out, if you watched this game and didn’t like it for any reason, then you’re not a baseball fan. This game had everything – besides offence, but who wants offence anyway? – a baseball fan would want. From the great defence of Jose Reyes, Jose Bautista and of course, Josh Donaldson, to the drama of a perfect game into the eighth and extra innings heroics by Chris Colabello, it was awesome.

As Jays fans we can bask in the glow of a big win, as big a win as you can get in June anyway. Today’s game marked a rare series win over those pesky Rays, in Tampa Bay no less. It was a chance to gain ground on the AL East leaders, and send the team off on a good note before an off day Thursday and a seven game home stand against Texas and Boston.

But as baseball fans we can just appreciate what makes this game so great. The ingredients were all there today for a good old fashioned 12-9 win. The best offence in baseball up against Nate Karns. Tampa Bay up against Marco Estrada, who despite his recent decision to turn into Dave fucking Stieb was not that long ago a forgotten man in the Jays bullpen (seriously, let that sink in. Estrada was a forgotten man in the BLUE JAYS bullpen).

Instead we’re treated to a pitching duel, a 1-0 game that took 12 innings to find that first and only run.

You can’t predict baseball.

Yet, I’m sure there’s a certain segment of the supposed fans who would whine and moan had the Jays lost. “They wasted a great performance by Estrada!” “Where’s the offence?!?” and of course, “the bullpen sucks!” because, that has to be a complaint at all times.

There are probably Rays fans saying those very things right now. Who am I kidding, there aren’t any Rays fans.

Had the Jays lost 1-0 in the 12th we as Jays fans should still have looked at it as a great game. Hell, had this been a Brewers-Rockies tilt we should have still looked at it as a great game. And it was won by Toronto on the razorest of thin margins.

Plain and simply it was a great game for a baseball fan.


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